We are guessing you wouldn’t play outdoor sports in unsuitable footwear. We believe that hands deserve the same level of care and, as with top of the range training shoes, our gloves have undergone months of research and development to provide you with maximum comfort and protection and to ensure that the cold weather never again affects your performance.

Did you know that your hands are prone to injuries and long-term medical conditions when playing in the cold weather? SkillSkin gloves have been specifically developed to provide a solution to this problem.

Our unique patented gloves, which adhere to tight safety standards, are made with specially designed internal seams providing not only a close fit, but more importantly, excellent levels of protection, comfort, and performance.

Special features

  • No external seams – SkillSkin gloves has been specifically designed without external seams or adornments that might cause injury.
  • Skin-tight fit – Our gloves provide close cover for your hands and fingers, enabling warmth and protection in extreme weather conditions.
  • Superb grip – our unique patterning provides you with superb grip to maximise ball control.
  • Wrist support – Our gloves are specifically designed to support your wrist joint, which can become more vulnerable during cold weather.
  • Comfort – The state-of-the-art SkillSkin gloves are made from soft fleece, breathable cotton, and silicon.
  • A range of popular contemporary colours – The glove is available in modern, kit-friendly colours, making them a stylish sporting accessory.