Why gloves are important in sporting activity

Is discomfort affecting your playing performance?

 If you play sport you’ll know that discomfort affects performance on the pitch, in the rink, or on the court. Wherever your sport takes you.

 When it comes to cycling, hockey, netball, rugby, football, hand health is essential. For sports where using your hands is a big part of your game, special care must be taken.

 Sports injury can cause emotional responses such as isolation, irritation, lack of motivation, frustration and disengagement, according to NCAA Sport Science Institute.

 The cold and/or continuous friction can cause calluses, soreness, rigidity, and make skin more prone to cuts and scratches.

 While hand complaints like these may not be classed as injury, the discomfort and distraction they cause is discouraging. Aches, pains and sores can stunt overall playing performance – it’s not limited hand related movements.

 When distracted by these issues it can hinder your chances of scoring, blocking, dodging, catching, and so on. But for those who rely on catching or throwing in the winter months particularly, the impact on performance is inevitable.

 I’m writing about this because, as a sportsperson myself, I know the struggle. I have played netball for years and I am a qualified coach and umpire. What I needed was a pair of gloves that could protect me, keep me warm, and also offer some grip. There was no glove I could find that matched my on-court demands. And believe me, I searched for years.


 The solution

There was nothing out there that could provide me with a solution. So, I made my own.

 When you’re playing sport, especially in cold environments, your hands need gloves for warmth, comfort and safety that won’t affect performance.

 I made my own gloves to suit these requirements as a netball player, which I knew would meet the standards required by England Netball (EN) and umpires. They were so ideal that I made a business out of them. They’re now used by players of a vast array of sports from grassroots youngsters to professionals.

 It took months of technical research, design adjustments and product testing in partnership with De Montfort University’s design unit. SkillSkin gloves are now helping sportspeople of all abilities across the country.

 They are scientifically designed to maximise comfort, retain heat, prevent injury and improve ball-handling performance. Those who play outdoors often in minus-degree temperatures and the wind and rain will know how essential maintaining warmth and comfort is to gameplay.

 I hope you find they revolutionise your experience of sport as they did mine.

 Find out why our gloves are allowed by umpires during game play here.






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