SkillSkin and Microfresh - A winning combination

New and advanced gloves with bacteria-preventing technology


As the only gloves out there designed to maximise grassroots sports performance, SkillSkin was innovative from the get-go.


But we’ve gone a step further and introduced a technology that prevents bacteria and unpleasant odours. We’re always looking to innovate and our partnership with this leading freshness brand was an opportunity not to be missed.


Micro-Fresh® is an invisible technology that we’ve incorporated into the material of our gloves. It means that SkillSkin gloves – which maximise comfort, retain heat, prevent injury and improve ball-handling performance – protect your health too.


SkillSkin gloves now stay fresher for longer too with Micro-Fresh® infused into their fibres. Micro-Fresh® technology is also sustainably created, and vegan too.


Ok, we’re a bit too excited about this so here’s a breakdown of just some of the Micro-Fresh® benefits. Micro-Fresh®:


  • is 99% effective against e-coli, listeria, MRSA, salmonella, and more,
  • makes fabrics stay fresher for longer
  • prevents mould growth
  • is hypoallergenic; kind to human skin
  • is vegan friendly
  • is a nano-free technology
  • is natural and kind to the environment


In short it means bacterial protection and no more smelly sports gloves for SkillSkin customers!

 Choose from small or medium and order yours now.


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